TSI Fleetmanager

TSI Fleetmanager is the telematics solution for businesses. It offers extensive functions, ranging from vehicle telematics and fleet management, over fuel consumption and sensor measurement, such as cooling temperatures or filling levels, to a wide range of uses in mobile working time tracking and process management.

With our platform approach TSI Fleetmanager's special strength is the flexibility and adaptability to your specific tasks and usage. The system is easily extensible and also suitable for custom developments.

Your Advantages

  • Increased Efficiency

    Increased Efficiency

    The digitalization and automation of your processes, especially mobile and for field staff, is a challenge for many companies – as especially here great potential for increased efficiency can be found. Get rid of the paper chaos and create efficient, transparent external processes in your enterprise, too.

    With the strengths of the TSI Fleetmanager, you realize, for example, automatic documentation and fast, accurate billing of services rendered or trips performed.

  • Better Services

    Better Services

    Offer your customers new or improved services. With TSI Fleetmanager you not only offer your customers exact arrival times, but also shorten your own reaction times and can respond to your customers even faster and more extensively.

  • Reduced Costs

    Reduced Costs

    Your external processes have enormous potential for cost reductions: With TSI Fleetmanager, you achieve far more than just time savings for your scheduling and dispatchers, optimized routes and reduced journey times. By means of driving style and fuel consumption analysis per driver you can realize considerable improvements in fuel costs and service life of your vehicles.

    Many of our customers achieve a complete return on investment for the telematic system with the cost savings alone already after a few months. Take advantage of TSI Fleetmanager now, too!

  • Surveillance & Automatic Monitoring

    Surveillance & Automatic Monitoring

    With the TSI Fleetmanager telematics solution, you monitor your vehicles and assets effectively and in real time. Protect, for example, with our tank monitoring against diesel theft or unauthorized use of your machines, guarantee the adherence to the cold chain and get alerted immediately in case of exceeding temperatures, secure your vehicles against theft with our anti-theft-protection and remote vehicle shutdown. These are just a few examples from our wide range on offer.

  • Documentation of services rendered

    Documentation of services rendered

    TSI Fleetmanager provides automatic and comprehensive documentation for your services rendered. By automatically recording, for example, arrival or departure times, you provide easy proof for your customers, against insurers, or other interested parties.


Learn more about the application and functions of our TSI Fleetmanager solution. With many options and flexibility, the telematic solutions of TSI adapt to your individual requirements and easily realize even complex specifications.

Fleet Management & Vehicle Telematics

With TSI Fleetmanager you increase the efficiency and profitability of your vehicle fleet. Create transparency, sustainable, long-term cost reductions and optimised control of your vehicles including busses, trucks, vans or cars.

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about fleet management & vehicle telematics

Fuel consumption tracking, driver recognition, sensors

TSI Fleetmanager has numerous interfaces and sensory options. With this you easily realize direct fuel consumption recoding, automatic driver recognition, temperature and fill level recording and much more.

The automatic acquisition of key figures is the foundation for optimisations, cost reductions and efficiency gains.

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about fuel consumption tracking, driver recognition & sensors

Mobile team management & work time tracking

TSI offers much more than vehicle telematics: Our telematic solutions is the base for transparency, flexibility and cost-effectiveness in real-time for your external processes. With TSI Fleetmanager, you digitize and automate processes, eliminate media breaks and record working times mobile and regardless of location!

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about mobile team management & work time tracking
Modern Cloud Solution

Modern Cloud Solution

With TSI you are relying on the most modern architecture in your IT infrastructure. Through our web and cloud-based platform, use always the latest version of our solutions, get security and feature updates quickly and regularly and completely eliminate expenditures and costs for in-house hosting and servicing your own server.

The integration of your existing ERP systems and accounting software is also seamlessly possible through numerous standard interfaces and export formats.

Rely on our experienced specialists!

Intuitive Interface

One of the key design principles of our TSI Fleetmanager is an easy-to-use, intuitive user interface that has integrated a lot of feedback from our customers. Below, we have provided a few screenshots from the system for you.

Live dispatching with GPS
Brief overview of current routes
Automatic driver recognition
Home View
Routes Reports
Route Details
Map View
Driving style analysis
Driving behaviour
Speed Profile
Sensors & Measurements
Online Help

Do you have special requirements?

Talk to us! With our modular platform approach, we implement custom requirements and special requests. Read more about our TSI monitor platform.

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