TSI Fleetmanager

TSI Fleetmanager is the turnkey telematics solution for fleet management bringing your vehicle fleet under complete control!

With numerous options from direct fuel and consumption tracking per trip and driver, remote reading of tachographs and many other modules, you not only create efficiency in your fleet, but also achieve considerable effort and cost savings.

Vehicle-Telematics complete from A to Z
Fuel Consumption Tracking
  • Determine the actual fuel costs for each vehicle per trip & driver
  • Automatic driver recognition
  • Quantitative analysis of driving behaviour
Remote Reading of Tachographs
  • Fully automatic reading of all data of the driver card and the mass storage
  • Works regardless of location, no matter where the vehicles are
  • Fully compliant with all legal requirements, for analysis, storage and deletion
  • Integrated violation analysis & driver trainings
Fleet Management
  • Live dispatching with GPS
  • All vehicles at a glance with zoomable maps
  • Integrated scheduling for all vehicles
  • Drivers‘ Logs and Billing
Mobile Order Management
  • Send orders and destinations directly to your drivers’ navigation systems
  • Account for current traffic situation
  • Planning in real time
Effective Vehicle Management
  • Vehicle scheduling
  • Maintenance and inspection management with reminders
  • Vehicle cost management
Analyses & Reports
  • Driving style analysis for individual drivers
  • Basis for driver trainings
  • Optimisation of the routes
  • Better utilisation of vehicle capacity
Temperatures, operating hours & sensors
  • Automatic tracking of temperatures, measurements, operating hours and sensors of all kinds
  • Recording and documentation e.g. compliance with cold chains
  • Monitoring and alarming e.g. in the event of limit values being exceeded
Monitoring & Alerting
  • Anti-theft protection for vehicles, cargo or fuel
  • Early detection of critical situations in real time
  • Immediate notifications & alarms with escalation strategy
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Mobile Work Time Tracking

With our solutions for mobile working time recording, you bring transparency and efficiency to your external processes.

Calculate and bill working hours quickly and accurately and document your work effortlessly.

With Mobile Logon Points
  • Tamper-resistant & robust
  • Simple operation
  • Location independent
With Smartphones
  • Flexible operation
  • Collection of additional information
  • Complementary or as a control
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Work Time Tracking

TSI Inventory

TSI Inventory is the object and inventory management solution for your company, whether for tools, small devices, machines or equipment of all kinds.

Get organised
in your equipment!
Management of tools, small devices, machines, equipment and … Flexible and customised Complete Mobile Integration Even faster with RFID
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TSI Connect

TSI Connect brings telematics to your smartphone.

More about TSI Connect
  • The mobile solution for the road
  • Specially optimised for use on smartphones
  • Manage and control data, vehicles, working hours, objects and much more via the app

TSI Monitor

TSI Monitor is our state-of-the-art, adaptable and expandable telematics platform, on the basis of which we not only offer our industry-leading turnkey standard solutions, but also flexibly implement individual special requirements and custom telematics projects.

Modularity, flexibility and extensibility are just a few key design principles of our telematics system. With many interfaces and support of open standards, we not only implement your specific business processes in your custom scenario, but also ensure seamless integration with your existing enterprise environment. Our competent team with many years of experience is at your side.

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