Simplify your processes, increase your efficiency and reduce costs. With solutions from TSI, you can make simple, paperless and real-time control of your orders and processes a swift reality. No matter the distance, you can always manage, adjust, bill, document, or check results with ease – just as if you were right there.

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Standard or customized? Both is possible with our modern software in conjunction with current hardware. A Web platform provides all the important information as needed - without expensive installations or maintenance. We take care of all requirements and connections so that you can focus on immediately profiting from our solutions.

TSI Fleetmanager

A complete process management solution for your vehicle fleet and field staff, including

  • Fleet and dispatch management

  • Vehicle management for maintenance and fuel consumption

  • Driver management and billing with driving style analysis

  • Working time recording

  • Remote driver assignments and progress tracking

  • Sensors with monitoring and alerting capability

  • And much more

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TSI Light

Ideal for the self-employed, freelancers, or for private use

TSI Light is a turnkey solution for an automatic, electronic driver’s logbook already from the first vehicle.

  • Automatic driver’s log (tax authority recognized)

  • Fuel book, gas & mileage log

  • Anti-theft protection

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TSI Monitor

Extensibility, modularity, and flexibility are just a few features of our telematics platform. Building on this platform, we implement tailor-made solutions specific to your processes. Our competent team with many years of implementation experience is your first choice in any telematics project.

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