Solutions for Passenger transport

TSI Fleetmanager is one of the most advanced fleet management solutions available today, which opens up new possibilities and advantages especially for bus operators and businesses in the passenger transport sector.


With many features especially optimized for buses, you not only create new, previously unseen levels of transparency in your processes, thereby increasing your quality, but also gain immense efficiency increases in your day-to-day operations, permitting quicker and more targeted responses in critical situations.


Advantages at a glance

Illustration for bus operators

Experiences of our customers

In addition to efficiency gains and advances in quality assurance, especially regarding compliance with timetables and schedules, our customers in particular report substantial savings in fuel costs:

With our vehicle-type-independent fuel consumption measurements and precise assignment to the responsible driver, an average saving of 10-15% in fuel consumption can be achieved compared to the consumption prior to the system’s introduction. This makes the system pay for itself in a very short time and reduces the cost factor permanently.


The savings do not only result in reduced fuel consumption from a more economical driving style, but also from reduced maintenance costs and wear and tear.

The easily measurable reduction in fuel consumption is only part of the cost savings!

In addition, the system can detect parked vehicles with running engines, that are unnecessarily generating costs. Comprehensive analyses and alerts enable you to reduce these incidences.

Examples from the live system

Below we have compiled some screenshots from the live system to illustrate some of the many features.

Overview Map
Route Details
Satellite View
Consumption & Cost Analysis per Route
Goal Achievement per Driver
Fuel Consumption and Target Achievement per Vehicle