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With TSI’s mobile solutions you always have the complete overview on the go! Easily manage and control your data, vehicles, work times, objects and more regardless of where you are.

Integrated, Focused, Optimized

Our mobile solutions integrate seamlessly into your TSI applications and connect you with your data while you’re on the road. We put great emphasis on a focused view on the essential information combined with simplified usability – specifically optimized for use on smart phones.

Vehicle & Fleet Management

With the vehicle and fleet management features of TSI Connect you not only have all your vehicles at a glance at all times, but also easily manage all essentials on the go!

Whether you use TSI only for your personal driver’s log or control a fleet with hundreds of vehicles, TSI Connect is the perfect complement to our tracking solutions.

  • Live tracking of vehicles
  • Conveniently control theft protection
  • Visualize driven routes
  • Add entries to the driver’s log
  • Update your car’s fuel log

Work Time Tracking

With TSI Connect, you bring work time recording to your employees' smartphones.

Whether as pure data viewer, to record working hours in the field, as an attendance keeping tool for your foremen, group leaders and team managers, or to collect additional information, you determine the who, the what, the when and the how – specific to your organisation’s individual processes.

Ideal as a complete, turn-key solution or in combination with our professional timekeeping solutions.

  • Data viewing for individual staff
  • Mobile corrections / data entry for team leaders
  • Input of additional information, such as order numbers, cost centers, customers, ...

Inventory Management

Get order in your equipment, tools, warehouse, and assets. With TSI's solution for inventory management.

With TSI Connect, you always have an overview and full access to your equipment and objects, from any smartphone. With integrated RFID and barcode options, managing small assets has never been easier!

  • Overview, anytime, anywhere
  • Find assets easily and quickly
  • Update asset information and locations conveniently
  • Capture and track responsibilities

As a Modern App

With the PWA standard you can get apps for your smartphone directly from the web. App stores and installations become obsolete.

Almost all smartphones already support this standard. Just open TSI Monitor with your smartphone as usual or scan the QR code.

TSI Connect automatically installs itself and is immediately ready to use in your browser the next time you visit – super easy & super-fast! Your smartphone even handled updates completely by itself.

Place TSI Connect on your start screen

You can also put TSI Connect directly on your home screen, so you can reach the app even faster and more conveniently in the future. Many smartphones will offer this to you the very first time you use it. But you can also do this by yourself in a few easy steps:

Instructions for Android:
Step 1
Open the TSI Monitor in the Chrome browser via
Step 2
Touch the Menu button Menu
Touch the Menu button
Step 3
Select „Add to Home screen“
Select „Add to Home screen“
Step 4
Confirm with „Add“
Confirm with „Add“
Instructions for iPhone:
Step 1
Open the TSI Monitor in the Safari browser via
Step 2
Touch the „Send and share a link“ icon Send and share a link
Touch the „Send and share a link“ icon
Step 3
Select „Add to Home Screen“ Add to Home Screen
Select „Add to Home Screen“
Step 4
Confirm with „Done“
Confirm with „Done“

TSI Connect in the App Store

On Android-based devices, you may also download TSI Connect via the 'Google Play' app store on your mobile phone. This way, installing the app is done in the familiar, traditional way.

Technically, however, there is no difference as we have fully migrated our native apps to the modern PWA platform. In the background, your smartphone always loads the latest Modern App – so that you always use the most up-to-date version including all new functionalities.

TSI Connect

Get it on Google Play

Note: The Windows Phone version is no longer supported and incompatible.

You have any other requests?

Please contact us. Our solutions always continue to develop and new features are constantly added and expanded. Maybe your favorite feature is already in development!

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