Agriculture & Farming Machinery

TSI Fleetmanager is one of the most modern fleet management solutions, which opens up new possibilities and advantages especially in the operation of agricultural and farming machinery.

Calculation of processed area

A common sticking point is the billing of processed areas, because often the field boundaries are not available digitally or there is only inaccurate information, for example, for sections of fields. But for an exact and fair billing, these data are of essential importance.

TSI Fleetmanager solves these problems fast, easy and conveniently with an automatic calculation of processed areas. Of course, the areas are not only clearly visualized, but are also directly available for export, e.g. as a shapefile in ETRS89 or UTM format.

Use agricultural machinery economically with telematics

Benefits for owner communities

Through the joint acquisition and use of expensive agricultural machinery in ownership communities even smaller farms can afforded specialised equipment and operate these economically, particularly when neighbouring farmers join together.

In order to be able to distribute the costs fairly, it is then necessary to know exactly which who used a machine when and how long.

Automatic recording and analysis of deployments and usage

With TSI Fleetmanager deployments and uses are automatically recorded and can be easily analysed by date, location or processed area. Using hour meters, available within the system, different usages, functions, or attachments can be tracked individually and settled accordingly.

Even the assignment to different enterprises or companies can be realised fully automatically with an integrated driver recognition. — or take advantage of the recorded driving times for the payroll handling of your employees.

Telematics opens up entirely new possibilities especially for small and medium-sized enterprises — and that without high organizational overheads.

Simplify Maintenance Management

Maintenance Planning

The need of expensive agricultural machinery for regular and preventative maintenance is well known. Down-time of one of these machines, can quickly and easily tear a giant hole into the cash flow. Every single hour of down-time costs money and the cost of repairs for the machines can quickly amount to considerable sums.

Prevent down-times with TSI!

Well-maintained vehicles and machines last longer, work more reliably and do not require premature replacements.

TSI's integrated maintenance log not only covers the history of all maintenance and inspections and the associated specific vehicle costs, but also makes the planning for future, upcoming maintenance a breeze.

With TSI's theft protection you protect your investments
Theft Protection with TSI

Monitoring & Alerting

Put an end to the theft of fuels! „Stop Diesel Theft!“

Prevent the theft of diesel or fuels on your vehicles and machines or use TSI Fleetmanager for theft protection and be immediately notified, for example, by text message if one of your vehicle leaves a permitted area.

Use TSI's monitoring platform to trigger immediate alerts for unusual activities on your machinery, thus, optimally protecting your investments.

Documentation, Assessment & Analysis

With integrated, zoomable maps you always have all your vehicles at a glance and can track progress live. The system monitors automatically the location, and records all deployments, vehicle data and operating hours of your agricultural machinery, harvesting machines, tractors and agricultural equipment. With TSI you not only monitor, document, and assess your machinery but you are in full control of your operations.

Among many other options, the visualisations for example allow to show driven speeds in a colour coding or to examine the exact areas in which attachments were used.

With flexible reporting it is easy to gain a deep understanding of your operation by presenting data by hours, days or months, divided into sub-areas, grouped by type of operation, differentiating ways to the field, idling, work periods, or assignment to different enterprises.

That, and much more...

Live dispatching with GPS
Brief overview of current routes
Automatic driver recognition
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Routes Reports
Route Details
Map View
Speed Profile
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