Additional Benefits

Versatile extra benefits for bus companies

One Web Portal

Multifunctional Application

Complex and Versatile Monitoring & Reporting

Wide-ranging service documentation

Wide-ranging service documentation

In particular for bus companies, the documentation of routes, in particular with regard to proof of compliance with timetables and premature arrivals or delayed departures of buses at stops is of great importance.

Not only is it possible, for example, to fend off claims for damages that are based on alleged delays or early departures, but the route record also serves as an important supporting pillar in schedule optimisation or quality assurance.

 free selection of reports and automatic scheduled delivery to your e-mail inbox
  • completely customizable and configurable
  • free selection of reports and automatic scheduled delivery to your e-mail inbox
  • graphicall visualize driving behavior with speed and acceleration

We advise you and together with you find tailor-made solutions specific to your individual needs.

With our modular platform approach, we realise diverse and individual solutions

One platform — Many solutions

We implement your wishes and requirements with our modular platform approach. With TSI you are relying on the most modern technology in your IT infrastructure.

Through our web and cloud-based platform, you can always use the latest version of our solutions, get fast and regular security and functional updates and eliminate all costs and expenses for in-house hosting and running of your own servers.

With the broad solution portfolio of TSI telematic services, we are a leading supplier of telematic solutions and services.

Einfache Integration in bestehende Systeme mittels standardisierter Schnittstellen

Easy integration with third-party systems

TSI Fleetmanager is based on our multifunctional application and web platform with its unique flexibility, which allows versatile customizations and adaptations, and makes even complex special cases easy to model.

TSI Fleetmanager supports all common formats, such as Excel, PDF, HTML or CSV, for data export. Furthermore, interfaces for your in-house ERP systems can be activated - for simple and seamless further processing of your data.

With our bus telematics solution, we bring our many years of experience together to create exactly the solution that increases your competitiveness through considerable cost reductions.

Automatic data acquisition eliminates media gaps and sources of error.

No media gap

A change of medium in the processing of information often causes a discontinuity - a so called media gap. Not only have such gaps are a large potential for introduction of errors but are also a source of significant delays.

The automatic capture and recording of data eliminates errors that can arise from manual entry and media gaps.

All relevant vehicle and current fuel consumption data are automatically and securely transferred through the onboard unit to the server, where automatic evaluations and analyses provide you with meaningful bases for decisions.

Simplify the management of vehicles with TSI

Maintenance Log / Cost Management

An integrated maintenance module informs you on time of the next inspection or when the next tyre change is due.

In addition to standard functions, such as cost analyses for individual drivers – even across different vehicles – or consumption statistics and comparisons for vehicles, time periods, or geographical areay, you also record individual vehicle costs e.g. from maintenance, inspections or repairs.

GPS Live Tracking

  • Live overview of vehicle locations
  • Automatic recording of routes
  • Driver recognition & driving behaviour analyses
  • Tour optimisations
  • Direct recording of fuel consumption
  • Accurate billing
  • Traceability and data archiving

In this context, the live tracking of your buses plays a predestined role, which allows, especially in the event of accidents (e.g. for coaches abroad) or even in special traffic situations, immediate and precise intervention and control of the situation. In this way, you limit possible disturbances in the normal process and maintain satisfied customers, even in difficult situations.


  • Interactive Dashboard
  • All vehicles at a glance
  • Integrated display of current traffic situation
  • Real-Time daten visualization
  • Up-to-the-minute map display of all vehicles
  • Integrated direction and speed indicators
  • Brief overview of past trips

The TSI Dashboard, with its highly topical, automatically updating presentation of the current situation, is irreplaceable for your dispatch. You see at a glance you where are your vehicles right now, and where they going, their current drivers, as well as current and previous routes.

Even status information is visualized, and give your dispatch a current image for fast and effective coordination of your fleet.

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