Complete Cost Control

Up to 15% cost savings in fuel consumption
Up to 15%
fuel cost reductions

Cost reduction

With a direct measurement of fuel consumption in combination with an automatic driver recognition, you not only have the option to determine exact vehicle costs, but also to attribute costs accurately for each driver in real time.

The experience of our customers has shown that fuel savings of 10-15% are possible!

Savings can be achieved not only from reduced fuel consumption due to a more economical driving style, but also from reduced maintenance costs and wear. This makes the system pay for itself in the shortest time and helps to reduce the cost factor permanently.

Automatic recording of fuel consumption

  • Vehicle type independent fuel consumption recording in real time

    Vehicle Type Independent

    • Using CAN/FMS bus connection: simple, widely used, standardized
    • Using fuel flow sensors: on all vehicles, of all ages, of all types
  • Driver - and vehicle-based analyses

    With our vehicle type independent fuel measurement, combined with automatic driver recognition, TSI Fleetmanager determines the actual fuel economy for every single trip, every vehicle and every driver exactly.

    With TSI Fleetmanager you create exact analysis and evaluation profiles for each individual driver, no matter when and on which vehicle he is driving.

    The driving style analysis allows you to create new, additional incentives for conscientious and economical driving behaviour.

Goal Achievement per Driver

The driver statistics, allow following exactly how well your drivers achieve the goals set. Goal adjustments, e.g. for vehicle or season, are automatically taken into account.

Fuel Consumption and Target Achievement per Vehicle

You can view the consumption statistics by vehicle and also select the fuel-target performance for each vehicle to be displayed. This way, you can track whether targets are set too optimistically or too easy to achieve.

Fuel Targets

  • Per vehicle
  • Season-dependent
  • Automatic evaluation according to target performance (in percent/traffic light system)
  • Detailed breakdown for each driver

In combination with the automatic driver recognition you have the possibility to not only determine the exact cost of each vehicle, but also precisely for each driver, and to relate performance to integrated season-dependent targets.

These give you an instant overview or serve as the basis for an incentive-based remuneration of your drivers. This way you encourage a responsible handling of your vehicles and motivate your employees to participate actively in the company's success.

Cost Calculator


  • the number of buses
  • the current cost of diesel
  • the average fuel consumption
  • the average daily distance driven

See for yourself

How much you can reduce fuel consumption e.g. by reducing unnecessary engine runtimes, and what significant savings you can achieve.


Number of busses
Diesel costs

Unnecessary engine running in standstill

Reduction per day minutes
Avg. fuel consumption (Standstill) litres/hour
Savings per bus 2.5 liters

10% fuel savings through better driving

Avg. fuel consumption litres/100km
Avg. daily distance km
Daily consumption 81 liters
Savings (10%) per bus 8,1 liters


Savings per day 106 liters
Savings per year 345 liters
Massively reduce fuel costs and wear!

Reduction of unnecessary engine running times

  • Erfassung von unnötigen Motorlaufzeiten im Stand

    Recording of engine run times

    • in standstill
    • from adjustable minimum duration
    • Attributable to driver

    Matching actual data with assigned targets deviations can be detected quickly in order to optimise processes and to shorten engine runtimes - especially when the vehicle is parked.

  • Fahrzeug-unabhängige Kraftstofferfassung in Echtzeit

    Spending breaks inside the vehicle

    Many companies are unaware of how often and how long engines run needlessly, and even if, concrete figures are often hardly available. Staying inside the vehicle with running engines for air-conditioning/heating, probably despite available heated/air-conditioned break rooms is another cost factor, which should be reduced and can be reduced.

    The system automatically records the all engine run times while standing still, with adjustable tolerance periods and a correlation to the corresponding driver.

    This way you create an effective cost control effortlessly and significantly reduce fuel consumption and costs.

  • The reduction in fuel consumption is also noticeable in the climate balance of your company

    Reducing the environmental footprint

    Significant reductions of CO2 emissions

    Emissions of greenhouse gases must be reduced in order to halt climate change. With TSI you, too, can reduce the CO2 emissions of your company in a sustainable and systematic way.

Ultimative Vergleichbarkeit Ihrer Daten - Grundlage für jede Geschäftsentscheidung


  • Vehicles with each other: Identify possible technical defects
  • Drivers with each other: Identify possible training needs
  • Vehicle types with each other: Economy and cost-effectiveness of different vehicle types or makes

Create immediate comparability on the basis of accurate, measurable data and immediately recognize potential for savings and/or need for action.

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