Summer Feature Weeks 1: Device Scheduling


Summer Feature Weeks 1: Device Scheduling

In our new series ‘Summer Feature Weeks’, we introduce new or interesting features and functions of our system to you.

This instalment: Device Scheduling.

Device Scheduling

Our recently released "Device Scheduling" feature is aimed in particular at small and medium-sized companies that use several vehicles and equipment in frequently changing assignments, and do not have or need specialized and expensive planning software.

The feature allows to get order and introduce plannability into the operational scheduling of vehicles. This solution supersedes temporary and makeshift “Excel solutions” and replace the organizational planning "mess" found in many companies. As in any scheduler, you enter scheduled assignments and assignments and see at a glance the availability of vehicles or equipment.

Double-bookings are also a thing of the past. The system automatically alerts you when you try to schedule overlapping operations for vehicles or devices. But that is not enough, the plausibility checking also works in the opposite direction: You are also warned if you schedule a driver for several vehicles at the same time. Thus, the system not only assists in checking and verifying your operational planning but also effectively prevents nasty surprises.

Integration and adaptability

You have special requirements or want to integrate your work time tracking? No problem!  As usual with TSI, the system integrates seamlessly into your existing infrastructure and e.g. employees are already recorded in the system for working time recording, can be used here again as a selection of drivers etc. Thus, the system not only cuts down on tedious manual text input, but also eliminates typing errors, which can have negative consequences for planning.

Even special requirements are not a problem. Additional inputs required for your device scheduling can either already easily be integrated by configuration or can be added as a supplemental feature. A personal consultation with our technical sales team ( is definitely worthwhile.


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